The Covid19 crisis has disrupted the value chain of the cultural and creative industries. But you have an idea to weather the storm. It’s maybe vague, a little rough around the edges. But it’s there. And it’s got you in its grip. 

With the Genesis program, you will put your concept to the test and explore it from every conceivable angle. With peers and potential clients, you will move forward to face the crisis.

The creative industries have often demonstrated their adaptability and resilience in the face of major changes. They must now adjust their offer to the new business context dictated by social distancing. Zú is bringing them together so that they can quickly develop clever solutions to navigate current changes. An 8-week ideation program will allow you to test your concept and start creating a concrete solution, or to adapt your existing solution. With your peers from the entertainment field, in collaboration with potential clients, and with the support of National Bank which is dedicating a $ 25,000 grant to the program, you will meet one of these two challenges:

Challenge 1: Adapted technological tools (The containers)

The digital tools we use were designed to complement physical exchanges. Social distancing now forces us to interact through a screen. How can we break down this 5th wall and create engaging technological tools that can fill in for physical interactions? In this challenge, your solution is an innovative tool that facilitates and humanizes virtual social exchanges (Networking, parties, crowd events, informal interactions, next gen conferences, etc.)

Challenge 2: Innovative entertainment formats (The content)

We are entering a summer like no other. Entertainment companies can no longer bring their community together outdoors or indoors as they did before. In the midst of a crisis, how can they maintain ties with their community and keep the flame alive in the minds of their consumers? For this challenge, your solution is a type of innovative content or a distancing tool that allows emotions to be experienced at a distance, and whose entertainment potential rivals previous gatherings (apps, live performances, games, exclusive entertaining content, digital festivals, etc.).

The Genesis program

Centered on design thinking and lean startup methodologies, Genesis is an 8-week program created to support projects in the start-up phase, to bring an idea to a viable concept and connect it with potential customers. During several iterative sprints, you will learn, apply and develop your idea, relying on users, field experts and peer support from your cohort. We focus on achieving key objectives and results, which will help you design and deliver a value proposition or a preliminary prototype to customers.

National Bank is supporting entrepreneurship and creativity by dedicating a $ 25,000 grant to the Genesis program – Facing the crisis. Each selected startup will therefore receive a grant of $ 2,500.

Program format

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What Genesis offers: 

Should I apply?  

In the pivot phase, you have identified a problem, thought about a solution, but you must clarify its validity, its implementation, and its potential in the context of the current crisis. Do you want to develop your idea into a concept and re-define your business plan? Is your business address in Montreal? This program is for you.

Apply even if you are not based in Montreal – you will join our community and be considered for future opportunities at Zú.

What’s in it for me?

Where it all begins

Your idea will go through a series of sprints, each of which will further refine your project and dramatically accelerate the creation of a roadmap for product development and industry connections.

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